Monday, 11 March 2013

A Long Nap

She knew. Oh she hadn't said anything but the signs where there. Pulling her arm away when he tried to help her from the car at the funeral. The all to frequent glances along the row during the service. She didn't actually know and she certainly couldn't prove anything. Nobody could, he'd been to clever for that.
Jenny's death hadn't been difficult to arrange. A very sick wife using two sticks to get about. He'd done all the right things to try and get re-housed in a bungalow rather than the poky terraced house, just so unfortunate, the loose stair carpet, he must have scuffed it up by accident when he was moving her bed downstairs. Such a considerate husband they all said all except Jenny's grandmother, Lily.

So here we now where after the funeral in Lily's room at the home and it had to be today as the silly woman had let slip about the appointment on Monday with the solicitor to re-draft her will. Two hundred and fifty grand about to be taken from his grasp at the stroke of a pen. Well not now.
All he had to do was to wait for her to drink the tea and she would drink the tea. Just as the sun rose in the east and cocks crowed at it's rising Lily drank tea. He was really feeling much more relaxed about this than he expected. Sitting in her room with the large window magnifying the warmth from the summer sunshine and radio two burbling quietly along he was actually feeling quite sleepy. That may even help. Being woken up by one of the staff coming to check up and having found Lily slumped in her chair. “It must have been the shock of losing her grand daughter , you poor man two bereavements so close together” Yes he'd just close his eyes and have a nap then wake up ready to look ashen faced at the news.

On hearing the snore Lily reached for the tea sniffed it then poured it into the dry soil of the cactus on the window sill. She opened the window to let some air in the room and turned of that irritating twit Jeremy Vine who had now served his soporific purpose. She'd actually been in danger of nodding off herself.

It hadn't been difficult to slip the pills into his tea “Would you mind helping me into my chair” and him oh so eager to ingratiate himself. The extra hard grip on his arm and the loud ouch as her knee cracked to distract from the slight splash of the pills dropping in as she moved past his cup and there he was now snoring like a baby just ready to be finished off. No two hundred and fifty grand for you you murdering swine. That was going to the cats home on balance she much preferred them to people anyway.
She was actually looking forward to the arrest and trial, at 87 she wasn't going to be around much longer anyway so a year or twos excitement before she shuffled off was quite appealing. Even if they locked her up it couldn't be much different to his place and the world would know what a sod he really was.
As she reached for the dress making scissors she wondered how much blood there would actually be, rather a lot she thought.

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